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Ding Ding Ding Ding…
Ding Ding Ding Ding…

Immediately you looked to the clock. The luminescent digital clock glowed : 6:00 am. Relief washed over you and heaved a heavy sigh, your heart still drumming in your ears, loudly enough you swear Freddy could probably hear it. As if on cue you heard his throaty laughter in your ear. “…It looks like you survived your first night (__f/n__).” He rasped into your ear, his hands kneading your shoulders as if you massage you- though as tense as you were you couldn’t help but falter under his touch as his nimble fingers made easy work of the knots in your shoulders. “Let’s see how lucky either of us can be in this little game, hm? I certainly am interested.” His lips were brushing against your earlobe, hot breath sending a whole different kind of shiver down your spine. He pressed a soft kiss under your ear near your jaw line and nipped softly causing your breath to audibly hitch. Freddy began to trail more kisses down your neck and towards your throat. Your head was cloudy and you felt as if you weren’t in control of your own body. This man…Freddy…he…

It was 6 am. You were done. You were alive. You were letting this teddy bear douchebag make out with your neck. What the fuck was wrong with you? Something snapped. You sucked in a breath and brought your hands up to the lapels on his vest, you could feel that bastard smirk against your throat as he continued to press kisses against you, hand sliding down to your elbows. Placing your palms against his chest you pushed him off, sending him back a few steps and your chair to be pushed back the other way. You quickly grabbed your things and coat and bolted down the opposite hallway. A dark scarlet staining your cheeks as you made your way- only to see Bonnie and Chica walking to the stage. Chicka looked at you over her shoulder and gave you a sunny smile.

“See you tomorrow (__f/n__)!!” She chimed and gave you a simple wave as she climbed on stage. You blinked- and that was all it took for the petite blonde to suddenly be the large creepy as shit chicken. Bonnie on the other hand gave you that same confident smirk.

“Looks like someone had a close encounter with the boss.” He teased, before getting into place on the stage. A choked sound escaped your throat- and that all too familiar feeling of being watched settled upon you again as your shaking hands fumbled with the keys before letting yourself out and relocking the door behind you. Despite your legs feeling like jelly you managed to run to your car, slide into the drivers side and lock the doors to your car. You fell against your steering wheel- sobs racking your body, strangled sounds and unintelligible words falling from your lips. You felt like you’d been hit by a truck. It was a lot to process. A lot of information, that was some heavy shit. You couldn’t do this. There was just no fucking way that you could manage to do it. You simply wouldn’t survive it. This job would work you to death. Literally. Work was fucking killer. These thoughts of course only brought more tears and wails. It was a few hours before you finally calmed yourself down. You sobs quelling down to shaky breaths. Looking down at your car’s clock- it was 7:30 am. You sniffled and wiped at your cheeks with the back of your coat sleeve, black streaks marring your still reddened cheeks. What the hell was wrong with you?! Why didn’t you shove him off? Why did you LIKE it?! They’re all trying to kill you. Finally starting your car to get heat running, your almost numb hands clutched the steering wheel as you took a few deep breaths- to steady yourself for the thankfully short drive back to your apartment. Just as you were ready to put the car in drive, a hard knock came to your window causing you to jolt frightfully.

There stood the ever-stoic Mr.Robinson. You sniffled and rolled down your window. “Mr.Robinson…!!” You struggled to form words, your voice pleading and he simply closed his eyes and raised his open palm to you calmly, gesturing that he understood and didn’t need your current situation explained.

“Follow me, and we can talk.” Was all he said simply, and shifted uncomfortably under your teary gaze. Mascara tears and quivering lips. Well…most men didn’t know how to deal with an upset woman. Stuffing his large hand in the pocket of his workman’s coat, he gave you a fistful of rough napkins to clean yourself up with. You accepted them with unsteady hands and could only nod with a few more sniffles and dabbed at your cheeks before blowing your noise, to which caused Mr.Robinson to jump slightly, as he awkwardly sauntered over to his own vehicle to which you followed. Wary and apprehensive. It was a short drive, to the old diner a few blocks down off the main street. You got out of your car and followed the larger man inside to where an older woman worked and immediately got two mugs of coffee.

He sat himself down in the far corner booth to which you followed sitting across from him again. The waitress brought over two menus and two mugs of coffee. You simply held the warm ceramic between your hands. Your tired (__e/c__) shifting from the dark liquid in front of you to the man mulling over his breakfast rather calmly. You, on the other hand, had absolutely no appetite whatsoever. Your stomach still doing flips from the gut wrenching idea of being mutilated in a Freddy Fazbear suit and the fact that Freddy Fazbear had tried to kind of maybe seduce you. Gripping the white mug you clenched your jaw. “I want to resign. Quit. Effective immediately.” Finally finding your voice you forced a rather weak glower at the man who’s dark eyes finally peered at you over the laminated menu he held.

“You can’t.” Was his simple reply. Not pleading. It was a statement.

To which you bristled. “What the hell do you mean I can’t?!” you ground out through clenched teeth. “You served me up to be slaughtered.” To which Mr.Robinson set down his menu and once again folded his hands on the table.

“Untrue. I gave you all the tools and told you want you needed to. You getting killed would have been a fault of your own.” He stated rather simply and you opened your mouth for a rather foul retort, “However- you signed a contract. And even if you did go to anybody about this, let us just be frank and realistic Miss (__l/n__), who would believe such a thing?” While rage bubbled and boiled within you, he continued. “That isn’t to say we aren’t prepared to compensate you. If you can survive your probationary five nights as stated in the contract, that you signed by the way- you are free to leave as you may. If you choose to stay however, I can assure you that your reward is worth it to someone as yourself.”

(__e/c__) orbs narrowed to slits. “Someone like me?! And how can you trap me like this?!” you had since let go of the coffee cup and were clenching your fists causing your nails to dig into your palms.

Wordlessly, Mr.Robinson pulled a piece of paper and a pen and scrawled something on the piece of paper and slid it forward to you before folding his hands in front of him once again. “I don’t mean it to be derogatory, Miss (__l/n__). But let’s be honest. You’re a graduate. You took a night time security job at a family pizza place. Clearly you aren’t in the best of financial straights.” You cursed under your breath, as he did sadly have a point. He had several unfortunately. Warily you reached for the scrap of paper and turned it over in your fingers to look at what he had written. Immediately your eyes flew open. You continued to gawk at the paper while he ordered his breakfast.

“Annual?” you inquired, still wary.

“No. Monthly. But just be fully aware. Any attempts at breeching this…bond of trust, and the consequences aren’t going to be favorable.” His words were still slow and deliberate. For obvious reasons. You were in shock, your eyes still flitting down to the piece of paper. You were caught between a rock and a hard place. Do you risk your life to live a life you’ve wanted to have for so long. Was it worth it? You hated to admit that the place intrigued you- especially with what you saw on the walls. Those articles. Could you steel your nerves? Was this something you could do? Unfortunately it seemed like you had four more days to more or less figure that out.

“…Can I…?” You started.

“You can give your decision if you survive your probationary period.” Mr. Robinson answered swiftly as a plate was delivered in front of him, heaped with eggs and bacon. You silently nodded and clutched the paper tightly.

“…This is a ton of bullshit you know.” You muttered quietly, pushing yourself up to scoot out of the booth and leave- your mood spoiled and sour. Now that the panic and terror were slowly subsiding into the darker crevices of your brain. Trauma you doubted would ever truly leave you.

“Good luck.” Was all the man stated, as calm as ever. You pursed your lips tightly in reply, “Do you want food, or no? There’s never a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.” You held back a snort and scoff.

“…Did you just quote Parks and Recreation?” You guffawed at your boss who raised his eyes to you slowly.

“Your day time co-workers often call me Ron fucking Swanson. They think they do it behind my back. Somewhat accurate. I only do things when I absolutely have to. Like your employment for example.” He stated simply as he ate another stick of bacon.

The more you studied the burly forty-something, you couldn’t help but see the uncanny resemblance between the two of them.  “Maybe next time, Mr.Robinson. I don’t have an appetite.” You admitted and reached for your wallet to pay for your cup of coffee to which he held his hand up again to stop you.

“Just go home and sleep. Get yourself ready for tonight.” Was his plain reply, not even bothering to look at you as he continued to eat his breakfast. You fixed your hat and stuffed your hands in your pockets as you trekked out of the diner and made your way over to your car. Heaving a heavy sigh you made your way back home and dragged yourself up the stairs and unlocked your apartment. Wrestling your boots off you didn’t even bother with pajamas, just stripping down and flopping into bed. Your body clamoring for sleep and rest but your brain was still whirring at a million miles a minute to which was what happened with your tossing and turning all night. Nightmares playing behind your eyelids every time you closed them. If it weren’t for the money you would’ve just jumped town and ran away. Though something in the pit of your gut with the carefully worded statements of Mr.Robinson- that just wouldn’t have panned out. Right now you were left without a choice. Part of you didn’t even want to keep your lights off. You wanted to keep your lights on. You scratched the side of your neck and froze, the vivid memories of Freddy kissing the side of your neck, teasing you, all of them taunting you. This was a sick fucked up game. So how did he manage to get you to flutter and falter so easily? If it weren’t for the rule of your shift you know he wouldn’t hesitate to stuff you in a goddamn suit and kill you. In one of the most horrific ways you could imagine.

You heaved a heavy sigh as you rolled over and groped under your pillow for your phone. You squinted blearily at it’s bright screen waiting briefly for your eyes to adjust. It was only eleven in the morning. You only had a few text messages that you really didn’t even have the energy to reply to. Burying your face into your pillow you released a lingering groan, your (__h/l__) hair a mangled mess, the (__h/c__) strands sticking up every which way and in knots. Eventually you gave up on sleep. It just wasn’t working. You swung your legs over the side of the bed, your feet hitting the cold wooden floor. Dragging yourself to your dresser you pulled out an oversized sweater and pulled it over your head to fight the chill. Making your way to the kitchen you brewed yourself more coffee and began to open the shades around the windows of your apartment before flopping down on your sofa and began to mindlessly watch television. You found yourself more jittery than usual. Any movement you saw from the corners of your eyes from your windows automatically put you on edge. To the point you almost fell off your seat reaching for a nonexistent button for a nonexistent door.

Time ticked by, much faster than you’d hoped unfortunately. You had spent your day trying to nap on and off, bundled up in blankets and dreading the sun’s retreat. However you’d had plenty of time to try and map out a plan of survival. Part of the plan being that you’d go into work early and explore a little. See what you could find in other rooms, if there would be any clues. You opened up your laptop and had began to sift through information- and you’d been right. Those posters that had changed HAD been newspaper clips. Missing persons reports. The information you had found made your heart skip beats. And you almost felt bad for Freddy and the group of homicidal animatronics. If what you guessed was maybe true- they were haunted by the hand of whoever had forced them into such terrible fates…It was chilling just to read and made you want to wretch. But there’d been more kids than three. Which worried you slightly. So much didn’t make sense, and being in the dark literally and figuratively were certainly not places you wanted to be.

Lazily you simply wore the same clothes from your last shit. Who the fuck did you have to impress? You could die and be unable to be identified. And you didn’t want Freddy Fazfuck on you…right? No. NO. You did NOT. You stashed a flashlight in your backpack, along with your wallet, some energy drinks from your fridge, a notebook, pepper spray, and sweater. Raising your wrist, you checked the time. It was 9:45 pm. Time to head out. You shrugged back into your coat and shouldered your bag. Pausing by your door to peer into the mirror. You were a pretty girl to say the least, however the damage showed. You were exhausted. Dark circles lined your (__e/c__) eyes and you had only dragged a comb to make your unruly (__h/c__) tresses comply with your demands to look presentable.

Pulling up to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza you couldn’t  resist your head lolling back against the headrest of your car and moaning in annoyance. You sent your folks texts saying that you loved them, and some to the close friends. All of which was met with mild confusion at your sudden forwardness with affection. Pocketing your phone in it’s Rilakkuma case you stomped up the stairs and let yourself in, the place had just closed by the looks of it, and the fact you’d seen several minivans left the parking lot right before your arrival. People were all over the place, scrubbing, cleaning, counting tills. You shrugged past them, wearily nodding towards Mr.Robinson counting down the registers. You walked past the main entry way and through the main dinning room, trying your best to ignore the fact you knew they were watching you. It was never a look one quite so easily forgot. And YOU were the one supposed to watch THEM. “Augh…”You muttered palming your forehead as you trekked forward towards, into a hallway where a lone door was.

“Parts and Services”

The room where Bonnie had so sweetly been showing you different pieces to shove your corpse into. Opening the door, you reached to flick the light on. A dim flicker was above your head but nothing that exactly helped to comfort you with the shelves lined with several costume heads, miscellaneous animatronics parts and pieces, limbs, torsos…fuck you could make your own fucking coffin in this place. Oh shit…that was a dark thought, bad idea (__f/n__), really fucking bad. You reprimanded yourself as you dug out your flash light, which only gave you a heart attack when you came face to face with a slumped over Freddy Fazbear suit but it was…different? It’s costume was of a golden color. “How weird…” you muttered, tempted to reach out and knock it over, to see if somebody had been stuffed inside it. It certainly wasn’t rigid like the others were. Unless that was what they planned on stuffing you in?! Evidently somewhere in the back of your head, you didn’t exactly have a lot of confidence in yourself either. With a grimace you turned to leave and get the hell out of the costume graveyard. “Goddammit…” you muttered to yourself.

“(_F_)…(__f/__)-(__f/n __)….” A voice rasped, like a whisper carried in the wind. It was barely audible but enough for you to push yourself out of the door and slam it behind you. Quickly you looked back down at your phone. You still had some time. Going back into the dinning you couldn’t help but yelp as you saw all the animatronics’ heads were turned to you. A few workers paused to look at you, confused to which you could only force a sheepish smile tucking a strand of (__h/c__) hair behind your ear and out of your face. “U-Uh sorry…I just tripped.” You lied to which people simply shrugged and went back about their chores around the pizzeria. A soft hiss was heard and you whipped your head over to the stage where you swear you heard it from. “…Fucking laugh at me…pricks.” You grumbled bitterly to which you heard that deep laugh come from Freddy’s suit, not the one you’d heard oh so well last night but that damn goofy voice box which almost made you jump out of your skin. You cheeks stained read as you glared at the animatronic, most of the workers here used to the occasional noise from them. As far as they were concerned- it was all just rumors and legends. They were blissfully unaware of the house of horrors they worked in. You quickened your pace to the attraction off to the side.

Pirates Cove, covered by the dark torrid curtain dotted with a starry pattern. You gripped the platform ready to hoist yourself up to go behind the Out of Order sign and see what was back there before you felt two large hands grab you by the waist and heft you back to the ground as if you were a child. You looked to see Mr.Robinson with his arms folded over his chest a few of the remaining workers snickering at just how easily he’d manhandled you mid jump. “What do you think you’re doing? I know you can read (__f/n__).” His deep voice had a no-nonsense tone to it for once rather than the monotonous droning it usually carried. And that he’d addressed you by your first name. Maybe he thought you had an actual chance at surviving? Or he was really that mad that you were exploring.

“I’m trying to figure this shit out.” Was your not so subtle retort. To which the man just snorted at you.

“You want some good advice to ‘figure shit out’?” He grumbled under his mustache, “Stay away from Pirates Cove. It’s closed for a reason. You watch Pirates Cove. You watch it carefully. Remember when I asked about your reflexes?” He raised a brow at you to which you pursed your lips at him again.

“What’s that got to do with it?” When really you dreaded the answer.

“You can be fast, but somebody might be faster.” Mr.Robinson stated, to which your strong façade faltered slightly and you looked at the curtain. For whatever reason it just seemed all the more foreboding to you now knowing that there was another animatronic behind it. And not one you were too excited to meet.

“Oh…that’s terrific…” you muttered bitterly, casting one last look back at Pirates Cove before dragging yourself to the office where you set down your backpack and cracked open an energy drink, slamming it’s contents as fast as you could in attempts to get yourself as awake as possible along with beginning to do a few jumping jacks. You heard footsteps and froze for a moment before looking at the clock and seeing that it wasn’t midnight but instead Mr.Robinson at the door.

“…What are you doing?” he inquired again, this time sounding quizzical as to why in the blue fuck you were doing jumping jacks and there was an empty energy drink can on the ground and he’d only left you for maybe ten minutes.

“…Preparing?” was your rather feeble reply. To which you only got another arched brow. It seemed he really only ran on a few expressions and emotional planes. Well at least SOMEONE you worked with was moderately simple.

“Alright well…seriously. That fucking fox is fast. So you have to be faster. I mean it.” By the tone of his voice, this was legitimate advice that he meant to give to help you. To save your ass. You gave him a nod and thanked him for the heads up and he bid his farewell and left. And like usual you settled in the chair, drinking another energy drink and clutching the tablet you. You could almost feel the darkness begin to take over the pizzeria as the power shut down for the most part. Little light in each room. Barely enough for you to make out on the tablet from room to room.

If you go down to the woods today
You better not go alone
It’s lovely down in the woods today
But safer to stay at home





“Err…Hello? Hello! Uh…well if you’re hearing this, you made it to day two. Uh congrats! I-I won’t talk quite as long this time since Freddy and his friends tend to become more active as the week progresses. Um…you might need to go ahead and peek at those careas while I talk; just to make sure everyone is in their proper place, y’know?”

Augh fuck…already? It gets worse that fast? Obscenities flew under your breath as your nerves and brain worked on hardcore over drive as you flickered through the cameras and to your relief so far, nobody had really moved.

“Uh interestingly enough, Freddy himself doesn’t come off stage very often. I heard he becomes a lot more active in the dark though…”

You scoffed, a sour expression pulling at your lips. “No fucking shit.” The memories that had been repeating themselves already seemed to make a little more sense but at the same time- make none at all. Because hey- why would logic have any part in this shitshow whatsoever right. By now the caffeine and sugar was pushing you past fear and straight into survival and fury. You could only hope that was in your favor.

“Sooo hey, I guess that’s another reason not to run out of power, right? I also want to emphasize the importance of using your door lights: uh, there are blind spots in your camera views and the blind spots happen to be right outside your door. So if you can’t find something or someone on your cameras, be sure to check the door lights. Uh, you might have only a few second to react but…not that you would be in any danger of course. I’m not implying that.”

Honestly these phone calls…You wanted to find Phil and just kick his ass. Your eyes peered down at the cameras again seeing that everyone was in their human forms, rather pleasantly going about their business. Chicka hunkered down for the time being with a slice of pizza and Bonnie on stage fixing his clothing meticulously. And Freddy just staring at your camera. Godfuckingdammit.

“Also: check on the curtain in Pirate Cove from time to time. The character in there seems unique in that it becomes more active if the cameras remain off for long periods of time. I guess he doesn’t like being watched. I don’t know. Anyway, I’m sure you have everything under control. Uh…talk to you soon!”

“What does that mean? He comes if I watch him too much but he’ll also come if I don’t watch him at all?!” That made it sound like it was inevitable that the fastest animatronic was going to come at you fast as shit and you had no idea how to anticipate it. Immediately you flipped the tablet open and quickly panned to Pirates Cove. To your horror you found the curtain pulled back ever so slightly, and in the darkness all you saw were two white lights staring back at you. “Shit.” You tried to suppress the horrified whimper. You flickered to the other cameras. Chicka was still happily enjoying her pizza at the table, though Bonnie and Freddy had since already moved. Bonnie was in the hallway near the bathrooms and was looking at you through the cameras with a charming smirk on his lips and Freddy you couldn’t…

“(__f/n__) so good too-…”


“Fuck. Off.” you bit out, glowering at Freddy through the window to which he simply cast you that handsome grin. You hated that. You just wanted to slap it right off his face.

“Are you upset with me? Whatever for?” He jutted his lower lip out at you in a pout to which you could only glare. “You’re the one who came early today. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were eager.” He teased you lightly, “After all you seemed to have a hard time the other night leaving.” Those electric blue eyes bored into your own and you could feel the blush crawl up your neck and even burn the tips of your ears.

“You heard me talking to Robinson. I’m trying to figure shit out.” You tore your eyes away from the door to flicker through the cameras again. Seeing Bonnie begin to make his way to your other side, and Pirates Cove…well now you could see a whole head poking out of the curtain. A fox. With rows of razor sharp teeth and looked like part of his jaw had been knocked. You honestly couldn’t say who terrified you more. You glanced up and slammed the other door shut on Bonnie- which prompted a string of not so eloquent curses from the lilac-haired-rabbit-eared male. “And both of you can just fuck off!” you reiterated yourself to which Bonnie appeared in your other window and gave Freddy a rather pointed look.

“Being awfully flirtatious aren’t you?” Bonnie pointed out his half lidded gaze drifting from your rather defiant stance to Freddy, rather unamused. As if he were jealous that you were giving Freddy more attention than himself.

“Just because you came to the door first doesn’t mean anything. You didn’t get to see how active (__f/n__) gets after dark.” Freddy crooned, his eyes breaking contact from Bonnie to you and you, again got to felt the heat of both of them oogling you. Bonnie pouted at you, as if really hurt that he wasn’t the one who got to take advantage of your horror and feel you up.

“(__f/n__)!! And here I thought I was your favorite!” Bonnie pressed his hands to the glass and with both of your doors closed, you let your head fall forward onto your desk. They were acting less and less like killers and more and more like assholes. Then again, it at least quelled your fears a little bit. But only a little.

“We’ll let you go for a while darling. After all if we ran you all out here and now- that wouldn’t exactly be fun for anyone would it, (__f/n__)?” Freddy grinned and even though that was more of a threat than anything you could only feel your cheeks grow hot under his rather predatory gaze.

“Not if I get her first.” Bonnie stated rather confidently, as he proudly tugged on the lapels of his vest and shot a cocky grin in your directly. “You’ll find me quite ambitious, (__f/n__).” With that he sent a wink before the two sauntered off. For good measure you waited just a little longer to keep your doors down in case it was a ruse. But they seemed content with the idea of spreading out the duration of the hell you were stuck in. Oh fuck- that was right!! You had a job to do!

Pirates Cove…

Pirates Cove…

“FUUUUUUCKKK!!” You howled- seeing that the curtain was now wide open and the ‘Sorry! Out of Order’ sign had been turned around and instead on the other sign was scrawled ‘IT’S ME’ a rather ominous message. You flickered to another camera only to see a man begin to run down your hallway- an unruly mane of vibrant crimson hair flowing down his back and behind him. He wore a loose torrid cream colored blouse under a dark burgundy vest that was also rather tattered along with a few necklaces strung around his neck with a loose and lopsided cravat, ripped brown trousers that had a few leather belts hanging from his hips and…A motherfucking hook for a hand to match his eyepatch on his left eye, the other a brilliantly glowing gold. Your palm slammed on the button just in time for you to see the flurry of red and the harsh clank of metal hitting metal.

“Oh lassie…And here I thought you’d forgotten ‘bout ole’ Foxy.” A rough voice came from behind the door in a low growl. For fuck’s sake was everyone in their humanoid forms crazy stupid attractive?! He peered around at you through the window and moved to pull some of his hair back in a loose ponytail, much of his hair still framing his handsome and rugged features. He sent you a malicious toothy grin, you noticed he had fangs, some of them even gold and those haunting yellow eyes. So help you god yellow eyes. You felt like you’d see all of their glowing eyes haunting you in your nightmares. Now those horrible nightmares were making sense in the worst possible way. You needed time to sort out so many things in your head, and your nerves still on the fray it was hard to think straight.

“H-Hard to forget someone wh-who wants to k-k-kill me.” You stammered weakly sinking back in your chair. To which the fox eared pirate simply retreated. Seeming entirely uninterested in small talk and banter like his friends and more liked the idea of trying to blitz and ambush you out of fucking nowhere. Yeah because that was fifty shades of awesome you needed in the shitty position of life that you precariously found yourself in. With a quivering lower lip, you reached forward for your coffee and contemplated if it was situations like this of which people turned to alcohol and smoking to quell their demons. However you didn’t exactly think that would exactly help you. Robots probably couldn’t drink. And unless you lit them on fire what good would a cigarette do. An annoyed huff passed your lips, blowing a stray strand of hair from your face as you turned your attention back towards the tablet, trying to steady yourself and brace for whatever may come next. Not that it would really serve to do you very much. You tried to regulate your breathing, to calm your heart from attempting to burst from your chest.

This carried on for quite some time. And for the most part and your thankful relief- it was primarily Bonnie and Chicka who came to your doors more than anything as you tried to balance a medium of checking Foxy enough but not overly so. A balance you found incredibly hard to do which resulted on him pounding on your door. While Chicka would reappear and pout, regarding how you were no fun and that all she wanted was a female friend. Last you checked- your friends never tried to stuff you in a goddamn robot suit so that you would haunt a fucking children’s pizzeria. Yeah, nobody really thought that way. “Just two more hours…just two more fucking hours…” you murmured quietly to yourself, slamming the door down as you saw Bonnie drawing near your office. Looking over at you through bright magenta eyes you glowered at him in return.

“Oh (__f/n__) c’mon. We can even build you your own suit. You don’t have to be a drab old teddy bear if you don’t want to be.” Bonnie crooned, that silken voice was nothing but deceitful. “I happen to think you’d look rather cute with rabbit ears like me. You know what a pair of good looking rabbits can do, right?” He raised a brow, his lidded eyes aglow with what you could only describe as ulterior motives, none of which sounded the slightest bit appealing to you.

You tore your eyes away from the violet charmer beside your office back to the tablet in your hands, “I’m quite happy with the ears I have now, Bonnie.” You stiffly replied flickering from camera to camera once again- and you couldn’t find Freddy…Augh…You glanced outside your other hallway nervously, and didn’t hear or see anything. And Chicka was in the hallway near the women’s restroom.

“Well who knows (__fn__) after all, whoever catches you decides what suit to stuff you in. I’d like to think you’d favor me?” Bonnie was purposely fishing for compliments or self gratification of some sort. You figured most of these haunted animatronics or androids, or whatever the hell they were, also counted as narcissists. Haunted or not.

“Why do you want to stuff me in a suit anyway?” you inquired. To which Bonnie simply rolled his shoulders.

“It’s only your second night, Miss (__f/n__). Though if I may say- I don’t think my bear costumes are drab at all.” A deep voice sounded from beside you, hot breath tickling the shell of your ear as fingers crept up your arms to grasp your shoulders once again. “Though I must say I’m a little surprised you recycled your clothes. I would’ve hoped to see you dressed up for me.” Freddy chuckled, to which you could only freeze and remain rigid in your seat. This was it. Game over. You were dead. Looking at the clock you had a little over another hour before your shift was over and the bell would not chime in time. You were abruptly spun around in the chair, your (__e/c__) orbs meeting electric pools of blue. “I happen to think you’d look rather fine in one.” His voice was barely above a whisper, though the tone was incredibly ominous. Your blood ran cold and your palms grew cold and clammy. Sweat beaded your forehead and your mind simply blank. “Well…no time than the present wouldn’t you say darling?” He pressed his lips to yours in a sweetly misleading kiss, mouth slanted against your own working masterfully. You didn’t know what you were doing but you subconsciously felt your mouth work against his own, weakly mind you but you were simply just too dumbfounded while at the same time reeling. What could you do?! What the fuck were you doing anyway. You didn’t want to die. You had to find a way out you had to save yourself, nobody else would! You’d be swept under the fucking rug! You’d been told as much in a fucking training message.

With ease, you felt arms tuck under your knees and behind your back, hoisting you against his chest. “Come along, darling (__f/n__). Let’s get you…properly fitted, shall we?” Tears that you didn’t know you were crying, freshly welled in your eyes despite your body feeling numb. However the words that so smoothly fell from his plush lips didn’t serve to comfort you at all. You began to wildly thrash your arms and legs against Freddy’s grip. Pounding against his chest, his back- you were fairly certain you had even hit his horrendously gorgeous face- his top hat being knocked to the floor some odd paces ago in turn to your squirming. Your panicked state seemed to only amuse him- his metal skeleton making his grip rather strong and he chuckled at your futile attempts. “Really, (__f/n__) if you stop throwing this hissy fit I might even kill you quickly. I’ll tuck you in as gently as possible- hmm~?” he purred into your ear as he nuzzled the crook of your neck. Mustering up the little strength you’d somehow managed to find- you threw yourself from his tight grip and bolted off running.

Your footsteps echoing off the hallway as you made your way through frantically trying to remember the map you’d stared at so many times before suddenly didn’t register. Your memory wasn’t what was fuelling you as much as your fright was. Your breath came out in ragged pants as your eyes flitted around nervously-looking for Bonnie or Chicka and much to your relief they weren’t in the dinning room as you sped towards the door and then it dawned on you. Your keys were still in the office. In your coat pocket. A string of curses left your lips as you nevertheless. Large hands took hold of your hips from behind and immediately you felt bile rise in your throat and tears sting behind your eyelids. “(__f/n__) was that so wise?” A voice murmured into your ear and all that could escape your parted lips was a somber whimper. You felt his sharpened teeth nibble on your ear as his grip tightened. The hot feeling of open mouthed kisses along your neck made a shiver ripple down your spine.

They never have any care
At six o’clock their Mommies and Daddies
Will take them home to bed
Life, it was really such a funny thing. Interesting. Intricate. Complicated. Delicate…one could prattle on endlessly the adjectives that suited such a simple word. Life. A mystery you were still unraveling. Still figuring it out, which was to be expected of a young lady of your age. You name is (__f/n__) (__l/n__), 21 years of age, living on your own in a small- but comfortable, studio apartment. Being on your own had never been a difficult thing for you. Growing up you had always been the “fringe” kid. The black sheep. That wasn’t to say you didn’t have friends, however you certainly did have people who didn’t quite care for you. And boy had they shown it. And while you weren’t the type of person to just sit back and let it happen, it had taken a toll on you

However that was the past. You were an adult now and while the world was still a cruel place, you were an adult who had vivacity and a right to the pursuit of happiness. So when you’d graduated (__college__), you were ready to see what the world had for you. Bright eyed and with more optimism that you remembered having in a while, you had packed up and moved away to find work and a life to forge an existence all your own.

But with optimism comes reality. Nothing ever being quite that simple. There was always a catch. A string attached. Some fine print at the bottom you had to read carefully. While the job market was getting SLIGHTLY better, it wasn’t getting better in your favor. You had been sitting at your small table in your kitchen, idly sipping (__coffee/tea__) , and pouring over the newspaper ads looking for some work to scrape by. Your nest egg could only keep you going for song. And there it was. A photo of a singing bear beside a listing. A security guard at the pizza place a couple blocks away. It was a short and manageable shift by the sound of it. Total easy work. You could even get a second job with hours like that. Running a hand through your (__length__) (__h/c__) tresses you let a small smile slip your lips. You went into your room to print out a copy of your resume.

While your printer tutted away at the slips of paper, you slipped over to your closet and began to start pulling pieces out. Even if it was a pizzeria, it was always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. Laying out your outfit you quickly hopped into your shower, scrubbing yourself clean and going through your usual hygiene routine. You wrapped a towel around your middle using another to towel your hair as you moved to your mirror and carefully applied your makeup. Blow drying the last of the moisture from your hair, you crossed back into your bedroom. Carefully you buttoned up your blouse, shimmied into your pants and shrugged into the black blazer. Carefully you strapped your feet into the pointed heels and shouldered your bag, and popped your hat onto your head. Examining yourself in the mirror you couldn’t help but grin a little. You could clean up damn well when you wanted to.

If you go down to the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the woods today
You’d better go in disguise

Scooping up the papers you slid them into a brown folder and tucked it away into your purse. Double checking for your Rilakkuma phone case, set of keys, and other essentials- you left your apartment and made your way to the garage of your complex. Sliding into the drivers side of your (__car__) you drove to the pizzeria. It was a short commute, hell you could walk- but fuck that kind of noise in heels. You stared up at the building and couldn’t help but squint. It reminded you faintly of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, but what the hell. You needed some work for the time being. Getting out of the car, you straightened your spine, squared your shoulders, and held your head high and began your walk up to the doors and striding inside. Immediately you were met with the smell of a friar, pizza, and the overbearing scent of sweets. Kids were scattered all over the place, parents watching from the moderate comfort of vinyl seating and formica tabletops. But what caught you off guard were the rather large animatronics roaming amongst the children. A purple bunny, a yellow chicken with a bib, and a bear with a top hat and bowtie. And suddenly its mechanical gaze met yours and held it unnervingly. Swallowing thickly you ripped your eyes away and continued your stride towards the hostess- you could feel it’s piercing gaze on your back.

“Welcome to Freddy Fazbears Pizza!! I’m Stacy- how can I help you?” The rather perky blonde beamed at you and began reaching for a menu.

“Oh- no no, I’m not dinning in, I’m here to respond to the Security Guard ad. May I speak to the manager?” You raised a hand to stop her from beginning to set a table for you. She gave you a sheepish smile in return and put the plastic menu back under her podium.

“I’m sorry, I guess I just assumed being dressed like that you might have been a secret shopper or inspector or something.” She admitted, scratching the back of her neck, a compliment you ferreted and it helped fluff your confidence a little. “Here, why don’t I get you a table and I’ll go get the manager for you. Follow me.” Stacy motioned for your to follow her over her shoulder and lead you to a booth off to the side from looked like a performing stage, and off to the side was another stage of sorts with a sign in front of it’s star-speckled curtain that was drawn.

‘Sorry! Out of Order’

“Here you go, oh and I’m obligated to tell you to ‘please don’t go behind the stage of Pirates Cove’.” Stacy rolled her large brown eyes. “Damn things been broken forever I swear. Do you want anything to drink while you wait…?” She offered, returning her gaze to you- waiting for your name and answer.

“It’s (__f/n__) and actually water would be great thanks.” You gave her a thankful nod as she went off to fetch the manager, allowing your eyes to wander more. The place certainly was older than you had anticipated but not entirely unfamiliar. You had remembered going to chains like this as a kid and rather enjoying them and the old 90’s or late 80’s vibe was rather nostalgic for you. However that damn bear kept staring at you. How creepy. And in turn the bunny and chicken had bother seemed to notice you too. Maybe it was because you didn’t have a kid with you? You tried to shake it off as they continued to stare at you. Eventually you pulled out your phone to have something to do rather than have those animatronics gawk at you.

[][][][][][][][][][] P O V  -- s  w  i  t  c  h [][][][][][][][][][]

To say that Freddy’s curiosity was piqued was to say the least. Security came and went fairly easily by their hands, however they’d all been men in the past. So to see a well dressed young lady walk in and begin inquiring about the position. He was interested to say the least. Though he knew that the odds of the owner giving a woman the position was going to be interesting. Most guards lasted two nights, maybe three at best before meeting rather grizzly state. If this hulking suit could be grinning, it would. However only on occasions were they allowed to walk around in their human-esque forms. Of which all of them preferred greatly. Which he supposed made them more like androids technically, but hell this place was shitty enough without really splitting hairs on the details like that. He continued to watch you as the hostess took you to an isolated booth and speak briefly about Pirate’s Cove.

He continued to half heartedly keep his attention on the children while he observed you carefully, you were rather attractive- another strange reason as to why you would want to be Night Watch. It’d be so much safer and logical for you to want to be a waitress. Oh well. It was your funeral after all. He could only imagine how pretty you might looked soaked in red it might almost be a shame to stuff you into a suit. But it would surely be interesting to see what you would do. To see if such a delicate little thing could survive.

Eventually his large suited self lumbered over to where the petite (__h/c__)ette sat, eyes glued to your phone inside a cute little teddy bear cover. How novel. It seemed you hadn’t even noticed him looming over you.

“Hi there little lady!! Welcome to my pizzeria! I’m Freddy Fazbear!!” The suit’s voice was nowhere near as charming as his own- and truth be told he hated having to use the shitty fucking voicebox of the suit. His electric blue eyes watched as you panicked, clearly startled and fumbled with your phone as it almost clattered from your slender hands.

[][][][][][][][][][] P O V  --  r  e  t  u  r  n [][][][][][][][][][]

A sudden voice had interrupted you in the middle of your spin in Trivia Crack, causing you to fumble with your phone in panic.

“What the shit?!” you flung yourself back, pressing against the wall of the booth, heart hammering in your chest. You hadn’t meant to swear in front of kids, but holy fucking shit, how did you NOT see that giant bear come up to you?! You widened (__e/c__) quickly scanned around and thankfully nobody had heard your slip and you returned your gaze to the bear who continued to just stare you down as if waiting for an answer. “…Hi Freddy…?” you slowly stated, albeit awkwardly. However the bear didn’t move, which only served to make you all the more uncomfortable under it’s heady gaze. You looked around- hoping somebody would notice or that someone was coming and you finally saw Stacy return with that water and with a man in tow.

“Oh Freddy, are you getting to know (__f/n__) already? C’mon the kids are over here you silly old bear.” Stacy chuckled though you could sense some uneasiness in her voice as well. Clearly this thing was not the norm, as she handed you the glass of water and the man sat himself down in the booth across from you, barely casting Freddy a second glance. Clearly he wasn’t fazed by this at all.

“Go on Freddy…” The manager stated, his lidded eyes glancing back over to the bear. There felt to be a sizable tension in the air as the bear simply continued to stand there before slowly turning away and walking back over to the main floor and was shortly swarmed by children. You hadn’t realized you’d been holding your breath until the sigh passed your lips. The man across from you raised a bushy brow before setting his hands on the table and clasping together. You straightened back up under his dark gaze and finally was able to look at the manager fully. He was a rather large man, probably in his mid forties. Dark hair that was beginning to gray at the sides, dark eyes that were lidded and had dark circles under them, along with a rather full mustache sitting on his upper lip. “I understand you’ve expressed an interest in the night time security guard job?” He asked finally, his deep baritone voice seemed to hold back something, as if every word he spoke was chosen with the utmost thought.

“Ah, yes sir. I’ve recently moved in nearby. I came across your ad in the paper.” You stated simply, removing your hat and moving to your bag to procure your resume in the brown folder and slide it forward to him. The manager accepted it and slid it beside him without so much as looking at it, opting not to break eye contact with you. Did everybody fucking stare at you in this place? Pushing your own unnerved thoughts to the side, you opened your mouth to further promote yourself.

“How are your reflexes, Miss (__l/n__)?” His voice cut you off before any words could spill from your lips, which caused you to tilt your head and arch a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at his rather bizarre inquiry.

“Uhm…Pretty good I’d say, sir.” You answered with a simple roll of your shoulders.

“Do you have family in the area?”

“No sir, my family lives back in (_hometown_), (__state__). I see them really only on holidays.” You answered, and broke to take a sip of water as your mouth began to dry. Setting the glass back down on the tabletop, you used the napkin in your lap to remove your mauve lipstick from the lip of the glass. To say you didn’t understand the nature of his questions was the least. You didn’t exactly think this gig would be anything strenuous.

“Well then congratulations. Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria.” The words rolled slowly, monotonously. Clearly the man didn’t give a flying fuck about who really worked the shift. They must’ve just been hard up for help. Not that you really cared. A job was a job. He extended his large hand to shake yours to which you accepted with a small smile.

“Thanks so much, sir.” While this was entirely unorthodox and not at all what you expected you could hardly say that you really minded all that much.

“Please, call me Mr.Robinson.” He relinquished his hold on his hand and stood up, “Allow me to give you the tour and overview of your job.” He stated, and motioned to the main dining room and stage. “Clearly you know what this is, the dining room and main stage. That there is Pirate’s Cove.” And with that you were lead to the kitchen, the bathrooms, the few hallways, and the Parts and Maintenance room. The latter being one of the scariest fucking places you’d seen in your young adult life. Finally you were taken in the back to a small room. It looked old, withered, and was the size of a large closet. For whatever reason chills ran up and down your spine. The room felt cold, an overwhelming feeling of dread seemed to permeate the entire room. “And this,” Mr.Robinson spoke again, “Will be your office.” He stated plainly. “Where you were stay in the evening and monitor the pizzeria from this tablet.” The rectangular piece was slid into your hands and you were able to flip through all the cameras in all the rooms and areas you’d just been lead through.

“You won’t get signal in here, something that most likely will not change. Which is for the best. Keep your attention on those monitors at all times. There is a landline there, where our staff trainer Phil will be calling you every so often. They’re recordings for the most part though.” Mr. Robinson pointed to the rather old looking rotary phone on the corner of the desk by a few novelty plush toys of the animatronics you’d seen earlier and a fan. “These switches by the doors close them. If any of the animatronics show up by the windows, close the doors immediately. They are not permitted in this room under any circumstances.” His voice turned firm and you had the immediate feeling that if you did not comply with these rules- your termination would be a swift one. “That being said you should also be warned that after the building shuts down around midnight, your only power supply is a finite back up generator. It saves money- so don’t keep the doors closed unless you need them to be. The same goes for using the tablet too much. It doesn’t run on that new kind of technology.” The ending of his statement seemed rather vague and half assed but they were all rules you made note of.

“I’d recommend getting here early, you should be IN your office by Midnight. No later. If you’d like you may even start tonight.” Mr.Robinson said simply as you finished all your documentation. Again you were caught off guard, however you simply figured that this was just a test to see how badly you wanted to work. Not that you could say you were all that surprised. Several work places in the past had thrown you curveballs before. How could this be any different.

“That’s no problem sir. Is there any sort of dress code?” You inquired simply, though you doubted it. It wasn’t as if you really would have anybody to work with- you at least hoped not with the size of that office. The large man gave a shake of his head. “So long as you’re dressed, I really don’t give a damn. Wear what you like.” He gave a shrug. The two of you exchanged brief goodbyes, and you walked out of the office past the animatronics who’s eyes you could already feel burning in the back of your head. How fucking creepy…honestly you couldn’t understand how kids could love them so much. They were just plain creepy. You quickened your pace past the bear that had seemed to follow fairly close behind you before reaching Stacy at the podium who was seating a family of four, of which the two children quickly gravitated to Freddy with giggles and excitement falling off them in waves. You breathed a sigh of relief and gave Stacy a small wave to which she flashed you a thumbs up before returning to her work.

Driving home, rather satisfied with yourself, you hastily called your parents as soon as you reached your apartment, flopping onto your couch. “Yeah mom, I know it’s not the greatest…but it’s an easy gig. I can get a second job and really start making some money…Tell dad he doesn’t have to worry anymore.” You paused as the two of you spoke for a while before eventually hanging up and opting to take a nap to get a little sleep. After all you’d have to adapt for your new nighttime-early morning shift. Shrugging out of your clothes, you changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, carefully folding your clothes and placing them back in your closet. You nestled down after setting an alarm on your phone.

You tossed and turned, dark inner workings of your mind fleshing out. You dreamt you were in the pizzeria already. It was dark, way too dark. You heard laughter. It was dark and ominous, coming from every direction making it impossible to pinpoint the source of the sound. Some were men’s voices, one sounded like a woman, even light laughter of what…children? But there was blood…oh God so much blood. Spattered on the walls, pooled on the floor. It was as if wherever you ran a more grizzly sight awaited you. The feeling of eyes constantly watching you, watching as you feebly scramble to get out of hell. But there was no door to your exit. No safety. Just the crushing weight of fear and dread, of hopelessness that you were in danger, that you were going to die. And that’s when you felt hands grab you. Vice like grips as fingers dug into your flesh, your screams being drowned out by cackling laughter reverberating through the hallways as your skin crawled.

Waking up with a jolt, you fell out of your bed, your hands reaching for your face, the damp residue of tears that had slid down your cheeks in your sleep. Your heart still hammered in your chest and your hands were shaking. “It was a dream…it was a dream…”you breathed, your hands running through your (__h/c__) disheveled locks. You got up, your knees still feeling like jelly and went to your bathroom to clean yourself up. Touching up your makeup, you sighed at your reflection. “It was probably just that super creepy bear thing…” you muttered to yourself and shook your head. (__pulling/pinning__) your hair back you changed. A loose fitting button up, you rolled up the sleeves and pulled on your skinny jeans and boots. Shrugging into your coat and pulling a beanie on, you brewed yourself some quick coffee and stuffed your wallet in your coat pocket along with your phone. Making your way back to your car the memories of the nightmare can’t help but flicker around in your brain. As if to be wary about the night. You tried to push it away. As jitters. As just the creepy animatronics. What could there possibly be to be afraid of?? It was a children’s attraction. A family place.

Pulling up, you parked your car at a little after eleven pm, and fiddled with the keys before letting yourself in and relocking the door behind you. A few of the staff were still around, all working at a very quick clip you noted. Some looked at you rather confused and a young man walked up to you. “Excuse me- I’m sorry, who are you?” He asked, rather flustered, his eyes looking elsewhere before resting on you. You held up your keys in reply and fished your wallet out along with the security badge Mr.Robinson gave you.

“I’m the new night security guard. I’m sorry, I thought someone would’ve told you I was coming.” You answered easily, slipping past the young man who sucked in a breath and muttered ineligibly under his breath. “Really?” he finally piped with caused you to pause and raise a brow.

“Is that so hard to believe?” You couldn’t help the defensive tone that slipped into you voice, to which a metallic sound was heard off to the distance from the stage. To which the young man in front of you frantically shook his head.

“Uh…no…no, nevermind. Was just surprised we got someone new so fast.” He muttered quickly before he scurried off. Leaving you rather confused, but trying to stave it off as you walked to the office. You settled down in the seat setting your coffee cup on the desk, and waited for your shift to begin. It didn’t seem long before the remaining workers left a little before midnight and most of the lighting shut down. Saturating the pizzeria in darkness. You chewed your lower lip lightly, your mind whispering to you how the inky black shadows looked a little more familiar than you liked to admit them to be. How haunting the restaurant looked with the lights off, outside of a few that gave the occasional weak flicker. You squinted at the images flickering on the tablet screen. The posters on the wall didn’t look the same. They didn’t look like the cheery promotions you remembered seeing before. They almost looked like news paper articles. Like missing persons reports.

”…what the fuck?” Unfortunately the tablet was, as your boss had said- very low tech. The images being grainy and hard to make out close up. You couldn’t really make them up, and accidentally flicked to a different camera before you heard the phone ringing, which caused you to jump as your (__e/c__) eyes flickered over to it. Unsure if you wanted to answer it or not.





“Hello? Hellooooo! Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Um…I actually worked in that office before you. I’m…finishing up my last week now as a matter of fact…so I know it can be a little overwhelming,-”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. Overwhelming? This was cake.

“But I’m here to tell you there’s nothing to worry about, uh…you’ll do fine! So..let’s focus on getting you through your first week. Okay? Uh…let’s see. First there’s an introductory greeting from the company I’m supposed to read. Ehh…it’s kind of a legal thing y’know. Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza; a magical place for kids and grown ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear entertainment is not responsible for damage, property, or person. Upon discovery of the damage or death of the third, a missing persons report will be filled within ninety days or as soon as property and premise have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached and the carpets have been replaced.Blah blah blah…”

You could feel your blood run cold, your skin getting chills. What kind of fucking introductory greeting was this?! What kind of family establishment would ever need to outline such a heinous thing?! Your mind reeled at the thought of what kind of sick predators target small children and the horrible things they do…A disgusted shudder ran through your spine.

“Now that might sound bad, I know, there’s really nothing to worry about. Uh… the animatronic characters here do get a bit quirky at night, but do I blame them? No! If I was forced to sing those same stupid songs for twenty years and I never got a bath? I’d probably be a bit irritable at night too. So remember, these characters hold a special place in the hearts of children. You need to show them a little respect. Right? Okay.”

Well that made no goddamn sense. Quirky? Irritable? They were just fucking animatronics.

“So just be aware: the characters do tend to wander a bit. Uh., they’re just  left with a kind of free-roaming mode at night. Uh…something about their servers locking up if they get turned off for too long…”

THEY FUCKING WANDER AT NIGHT?! Suddenly it clicked. That’s what you’re watching. You’re watching the animatronics. You’re keeping them out of the office but making sure they don’t get out. How ridiculous! You zoned out something until you heard…

“…the bite of ’87. Yeah…i-it’s amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, ya know?”

Your blood ran cold. What the fuck did you miss?! Your stomach began to churn, your heart pounding against your ribs

“Now concerning your safety, the only risk to you as the night watchmen here, if any, is the fact that these characters uh…if they happen to see you after hours, they probably won’t recognize you as a person. They’ll- They’ll most likely see you as a metal endoskeleton without a costume on. Now since that’s against the rules at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, they’ll probably try to…uh forcefully stuff you inside a Freddy Fazbear suit. Umm…now that wouldn’t be so bad if the suits themselves weren’t filled with crossbeams, wires, and animatronic devices- especially around the facial area. So you can imagine how having your head forced into one of those could cause a bit of discomfort…and death. Uh…the only parts of you that would probably ever see the light of day again would be your eyeballs and teeth would pop out the front of the mask…Yeah they don’t tell you these things when you sign up…”

You could feel the blood drain from your face, bile rising in your throat and your stomach feeling like it was a blender. “ARE YOU MOTHERFUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!” You screeched, knocking your chair over as you fumed in terror looming over the phone as if the man making the recordings could see you or hear you. Your nerves began to fray in fright. You could die. These things could kill you. It made no goddamn sense, it was fucking insane! This had to be some kind of cruel joke, but all the same you weren’t going to tempt fate. Your hands began to shake and the memories of your nightmare flared wildly, only fanning the flames of your fright.

“But hey! First day should be a breeze. I’ll chat with you tomorrow, uh check those cameras and remember to close the door only if absolutely necessary. Gotta conserve power. Alright. Goodnight.”

A breeze, a fucking breeze. “I should just fucking leave…” you choked out, and reached for your cell phone, dialing Mr.Robinsons’ number only to promptly have your phone cut out. You pulled away to look at the screen only to see that, indeed you had no fucking service. Meaning if you DID die, you had no way to contact anybody. No way to say farewell to your loved ones. They would find you mangled up in a fucking robot furry costume. “Fuck fucking fuck!” you cursed and fixed the chair and sat down, looking back to the tablet. You went to the main stage camera. Only two of them were on stage. Bonnie was gone.


“Shit shit shit, where did that giant hulking thing go?!” in a flurry you flickered between cameras only to see him in a hallway- staring back at you through the camera. A shudder ran down you again as those bright pink eyes unnervingly didn’t blink. You sucked in a breath and shakily reached forward to your cup of coffee and brought it to your lips. However your eyes caught something from the corner to your left and immediately your hand reached out and slammed the button, a large metal door came slamming down. Through the window you saw a young man, probably a little older than you- flawless ivory skin and lilac hued hair impeccably styled, and almost glowing vibrant magenta eyes…and what looked like rabbit ears. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” you screamed, confusion blurring over your features as the taller and rather lithe male leaned casually against the window. He fixed the red bowtie around his neck and the short vest that laid over his button down, that was rolled up similar to yours along with pinstriped trousers. Everything in an indigo and purple hue palette.

“Well…that’s not very ladylike I’d say. But a girl this time. Huh…this is a first. No wonder Freddy kept looking at you.” He chuckled his voice smooth, charming. If you weren’t absolutely terrified and firing on every nerve you had- you’d go as far to say as this young man was insanely attractive.

Purple hair. Magenta eyes. Bunny ears.

“You’re…you’re Bonnie!” you pointed at him, eyes narrowed to which he scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Oooh…and you’re smart too.” His grin widened. “Let’s see how long you last night watch.” He crooned before sauntering off- to the dinning room you saw. Away from you- which made you breathe a sigh of relief and sink back a little into your chair. Your mind felt absolutely fucked. Why did Bonnie have a human body? HOW did Bonnie get a human body? Did the others do this too? A series of giggles drew your attention to the right and you saw a cute blonde begin skipping down the hall to which you immediately shut the door on your right. A series of giggles came from behind the metal door.

“Awww shucks, you saw me coming, didn’t you (__f/n__)?” The blonde peeked at you through the window. She had perfect blonde ringlets and bright lavender eyes that almost seemed to glow at you. A tiered dress hid her thin frame in shades of yellows with white lace trim. Around her neck was a bib- much like her bulky form with “Let’s Eat!” embellished upon it. Her eyes drifted to the cupcake toy on your desk. “…Are you going to eat that, (__f/n__)?” she asked cheerily, grinning broadly at you, giving you a good look at her teeth past her peach colored lips. You rapidly shook your head, unable to form coherent words. To which only made Chica giggle all the more. “It’ll be so nice to maybe have another girl around. I really hope you haunt a suit and stick around after we help you into one~!” It was almost a sweet sentiment until she reminded you that she wanted to mangle your corpse in a fucking animatronic suit.

“Go away! Leave me alone!” you shouted, angry and terrified the torrent of emotions flowing through you causing tears to spring to your eyes. Chica pouted in reply and you saw her turn her back and sulk away. You slowly let both doors up. It was four in the morning already, and you were doing alright on power so far. You ran a hand through your hair, knocking your hat off and chewed your lip nervously. Just two more hours and you could go home. Quit this fucking job, sleep, and try to forget this ever happened. Though something in the back of your head gnawed that it wouldn’t be that simple. Nothing ever was. And somehow both Bonnie and Chica had more or less stayed away from your office. Roaming around the pizzeria simply. Chica eating some sweets in the dinning room, Bonnie sitting on stage and tuning his guitar, once in a while roaming to the parts room, looking over spare suit pieces and holding them up to the camera with a devilish grin upon his lips. As if asking your opinion to what you’d rather be stuffed inside.

“Dum dum de dum…” you heard a voice chime…from what you could guess was the kitchen. The voice was charming, rich, and deep. It was almost as if he was crooning an unidentifiable song. But you knew better…that had to be Freddy. The idea made your gut clench and a lump rise in your throat. You heard footfalls coming down the hallway to your left. Every hair on the back of your neck stood on end and you slammed the door down- the clock stood at 5:36 am. The voice continued to hum to itself calmly before a male made his way to the window again. Electric blue eyes glancing to you, sending a chill to course through your veins. It had to be him. The slightly mussy haired brunette had a black top hat with two bear ears protruding from it. His muscular body was glad in a pale beige shirt with a dress vest over it, striped with brown and gold. His black slacks- like Bonnies were pinstriped a soft cream coffee color with black gloves to match the Italian leather shoes on his feet. There was light stubble on his chin, his skin a gorgeous dark olivine color and he stared at you with a charming smirk over his lips as he took in your terrified form. You were cute. As cute as he remembered. Especially now that you were rightfully terrified and confused.

Beneath the trees where nobody sees
They’ll hide and seek as long as they please
Cause that’s the way
The teddy bears have their picnic

“Hummm…what’s the matter darling?” Freddy feigned innocence as he looked at your form- shaking in the chair, clutching the tablet for dear life. A toothy smirk graced his handsome features, as he brought his hand to the glass, tapping his fingers against the glass deliberately slow. The other loosening the black bowtie around the collar of his shirt. “You look absolutely terrified you know. I could help you quite a bit if you just open the door.” With a voice like that you wouldn’t doubt he could be quite convincing and entirely persuasive. But you valued your life.

“You’re not stuffing me in a suit.” You bit out through the tears, your voice cracked and wavered despite your attempt at bravado which only caused a chuckle to rumble from his throat.

“Oh but I think you’ll make great company if your soul sticks around. It isn’t every day I get to see such a divine young lady such as yourself Miss (__f/n__).” Freddy purred, his brilliant cyan eyes ghosting over your shaking form and resting on your trembling lips. “I’d be so gentle…I would even think about making your death quick.” He offered sweetly, as if the proposition he was offering was like that of a date on a Saturday night. A casual affair. Well…perhaps for him it probably was.

Your eyes traveled from his form to the clock on the desk. 5:53…you were almost done. You were almost there. You were almost free just a little bit longer. Freddy chuckled and continued to tap his fingers against the glass. “You know…(__f/n__), you’ve been keeping me locked out with that door for a while now, don’t you think?” his eyes moving from the door beside him back to you, that grin beginning to widen again- those pearly white teeth of his looking awfully sharp compared to the suit form he had been in before in front of the children. The minutes dragged by like hours, ticking by painfully slowly.

And then that murky darkness enveloped you tightly. Everything around you went black and your heart sank. You heard the doors retract upwards from where they came. Music started to play…it was familiar. Something you’d heard often as a child. Your eyes didn’t move from Freddy’s- that flickering brilliant blue in your window that now stood in your doorway where the only barrier that had kept you safe. You heard him grow closer and closer to you until you could feel his breathing in your ear and his hands settle upon your shoulders. “Game Ov—…”
teddy bear picnic ch.1(FNAFreddyxReader)
Soooooo I wrote a thing and don't know where to put it haha so if you know any FNAF groups where I can post this- please let me know!!

Also I had this written out WAAAAY longer but DeviantArt had a limit on how big submissions could be so I had to break it up a little hah. I love FNAF so much I just had to start something. I'm not marking it mature right now. But uh...that's gonna change.

Creepy pasta stories are kind of on the back burner but I'm working on them and they WILL be updated this week hopefully with a few other things.

FNAF belongs to Scott Cawthon
Teddy Bear Picnic song belongs to Anne Murray I think? Either way; I don't own it.
Hay so I'm working on something new  with a few things in the works as well<3
Wanderlust and All We Do Is Run are also going to have new chapters soon.

Roleplay Search

My name is Ami (ah-mee // not "Amy") and I'm really looking for some one on one roleplays at the moment to help me get some creative juices flowing. I'm 22 years old and work full time, but I love to roleplay. And I still have time to post regularly.

I consider myself
advanced literate, I really enjoy writing. I can provide samples if you'd like as well. I also don't have any limits ;; so what's yours are mine essentially. I double-- I can play both male and females. I'll play any male canon character for your character provided you can reciprocate for me.

At the moment I'm only looking for Fandom roleplays // OC x Canon please- I also prefer Hetero. You can try to convince me for an original one; I'm open minded- Just know that's what I'm craving at the moment.

Here are my Cravings in Order ::
  • HOMESTUCK [[Just got into this fandom. WANTWANTWANTPREESE]]
  • Creepy Pasta [[seriously- craving this]]
  • The Walking Dead [[ I'm up to date with the show ;; behind on comics]]
  • Attack On Titan
  • K-Pop // K-Dramas

If you've any fandoms you'd have inquiries about // anime or otherwise, feel free to shoot me a message

I roleplay over this site, email, and I still have a gaia account (har har har I'm such a dork...I know.)


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cute stuff // creepy stuff // cat lover // pokemon master // gamer // cosmetologist // glitter & gore // cosplayer

I'm twenty two years old living in the third ward district of Milwaukee, WI. I work as a manager at GameStop and graduated Vici Aveda Beauty Institute last summer.

I enjoy art and literature and haven't posted anything to this site until as of recent.

I love many fandoms and enjoy playing roller derby and cosplaying at conventions.

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