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teddy bear picnic ch.2(FNAFreddyxreader)
Ding Ding Ding Ding…
Ding Ding Ding Ding…
Immediately you looked to the clock. The luminescent digital clock glowed : 6:00 am. Relief washed over you and heaved a heavy sigh, your heart still drumming in your ears, loudly enough you swear Freddy could probably hear it. As if on cue you heard his throaty laughter in your ear. “…It looks like you survived your first night (__f/n__).” He rasped into your ear, his hands kneading your shoulders as if you massage you- though as tense as you were you couldn’t help but falter under his touch as his nimble fingers made easy work of the knots in your shoulders. “Let’s see how lucky either of us can be in this little game, hm? I certainly am interested.” His lips were brushing against your earlobe, hot breath sending a whole different kind of shiver down your spine. He pressed a soft kiss under your ear near your jaw line and nipped softly causing your breath to audibly hitch. Freddy began to
:iconrhetoricalhypothesis:rhetoricalhypothesis 9 5
teddy bear picnic ch.1(FNAFreddyxReader)
Life, it was really such a funny thing. Interesting. Intricate. Complicated. Delicate…one could prattle on endlessly the adjectives that suited such a simple word. Life. A mystery you were still unraveling. Still figuring it out, which was to be expected of a young lady of your age. You name is (__f/n__) (__l/n__), 21 years of age, living on your own in a small- but comfortable, studio apartment. Being on your own had never been a difficult thing for you. Growing up you had always been the “fringe” kid. The black sheep. That wasn’t to say you didn’t have friends, however you certainly did have people who didn’t quite care for you. And boy had they shown it. And while you weren’t the type of person to just sit back and let it happen, it had taken a toll on you
However that was the past. You were an adult now and while the world was still a cruel place, you were an adult who had vivacity and a right to the pursuit of happiness. So when you’
:iconrhetoricalhypothesis:rhetoricalhypothesis 9 2
Mature content
w a n d e r l u s t \ \ Ticci Toby x Reader CH.4 :iconrhetoricalhypothesis:rhetoricalhypothesis 60 19
all we do is R U N \\ Jeff x Reader CH.2
You twisted and turned in, weakly tugging blankets around your body securing the warmth to your body. Your head throbbed and felt woozy, your stomach hurt and you flinched as your fingers drifted down to the soft spot in the middle of your abdomen. Your eyes shot open and you jolted up in bed as fast as you could only to hiss in pain as you doubled over. Peering down, you pushed down the blanket and lifted your sweater. Peering down at the toned skin of your abdomen., a large purple bruise forming, yellowing out at the edges making you grimace. Your head still ached from whatever the fuck hit you and your hand dropped your sweater back down to touch the back of your head where you could feel stitches being tied. Any blood that had been there had been swabbed and cleaned, your wound sewn shut. Panic bubbled in your stomach as you looked around. You were in a dark room, in a bed of black blankets, knives had been thrown into the wall where their handles crudely protruded. The lights were
:iconrhetoricalhypothesis:rhetoricalhypothesis 19 7
all we do is R U N \\Jeff x Reader CH.1
It was as it’d always been- you honestly couldn’t remember anything BUT a life like this. It was far from what most people would want or call desirable. But you wouldn’t trade it for the world. It got tough sometimes but you—(__f/n__) (__l/n__), you were never alone. Admittedly what the two of you did was messy and hard work; but you usually got off easy. But you did what you had to in order to survive. At the moment you laid on a stiff cot in a church littered with the city’s homeless, the runaways, and the assorted lost souls with no home. One might say you’d all count as kindred spirits. But all you and your companion saw was temptation and dinner. Reaching out from your own (__color__) blanket, your hand gingerly touched the patch of gauze that wrapped around your head and covered your left eye. You’d always had a red left eye and a (__e/c__) right eye. You just assumed you’d been born that way. And unless you ate or were with  h
:iconrhetoricalhypothesis:rhetoricalhypothesis 38 7
Mature content
w a n d e r l u s t \ \ Ticci Toby x Reader CH.3 :iconrhetoricalhypothesis:rhetoricalhypothesis 56 25
Mature content
w a n d e r l u s t \\ Ticci Toby x Reader : CH.2 :iconrhetoricalhypothesis:rhetoricalhypothesis 42 21
Mature content
w a n d e r l u s t \\ Ticci Toby x Reader :CH 1 :iconrhetoricalhypothesis:rhetoricalhypothesis 86 14


cronus by suhnarl cronus :iconsuhnarl:suhnarl 165 13
.: Broken Feelings :. [Karkat x Reader]
  You were sitting on your bed, bored as always. Until you got a message over Pesterchum, actually, a lot, considering how many time your husktop kept dinging. Groaning, you got up and went over to said husktop, which was still alerting you. Opening Pesterchum, you saw that none other, Mr. Shouty has been pestering you.
carcinoGeneticist [CG] began trolling Chumhandle [CH]:
CG: [y/n]
CH: what do you want karkat?
CH: you need someone to talk to?
CH: what’s wrong?
CH: uhm. . . alright?
CH: need anything before I come over?
:iconwritingwings:WritingWings 383 58
CronusxJadeblood!Reader: Simple Things
Simple things: Cronus x Jadeblood Reader
Sadstuck? Black to Red.
He was at it again. What a wimp.
The hive was completely dark. Sobs echoed throughout the wide hallways. You stood silently outside the doorway that the cries emitted from. The frame was smeared with a faint violet handprint: his blood.
You stepped into the room. Immediately the cries quieted, though they didn't quite stop. You could feel his eyes watching you. Fearful, rejected, hurt.
His miserable form was curled in the corner, knees to chest and head down, his position compromised by the weak glow he emanated. He looked so thin and frail like this. You could tell he was trembling. Badly, too.
You strode forward across the room with purposeful strides. He wasn't watching you anymore and had stopped crying. Now he curled within himself tighter, his face hidden behind his knees.
As you stood above him, arms crossed, you could make out the pool of royal blood slowly growing beside him. It was a puncture wound -- a deep one
:iconfiremaster298:firemaster298 295 93
Universally Wrong (Sollux x Reader)
Well, to start things off, you are most definitely not Sollux Captor's girlfriend.
That much has been made clear to you, multiple times over. First with the teasing from everyone, aforementioned troll included. Second with the way he tore your kiss apart. Third with how he asked you to be his moirail just last week.
Truthfully, you doubt he wants a quadrant with you, period. He's probably just doing it to keep you safe--- as a way to keep an eye on you without people suspecting too much. Because even though he saved your ass from those fucking bullies, your heart hurts so much more than any of the injuries they inflicted upon you.
So now, after seven days of social seclusion (you haven't gone out of the house for anything but school and groceries), you're finally coming back out of your heartbroken shell and having people over again. Of course, you're probably doing the dumbest thing possible, inviting over who you are: Sollux and Karkat. Sollux because of what just happened, and Karka
:iconremembertheginger:remembertheginger 210 83
Mature content
Prejudice (2) Kurloz Makara x reader :iconcloudylemon:Cloudylemon 83 19
Good morning! (Kurloz Makara x reader)
Yawning drowsily, a tired groan slipped past your lips as you rubbed the last traces of sleep out of your eyes with the back of your hand. You sunk your groggy head back into the plush pillows, mumbling to yourself as you did so,
"Man I'm tired.."
Shutting your eyes tightly, you flexed your arms out above your head, willing the fatigue to leave your aching muscles as you yawned loudly. A deep chuckle interrupted your morning stretch and caused you to jump slightly as the quiet laughter reached your ears, the pair of slender arms locked around your waist tightening in response to your movements. Turning your head in the direction of the sound, you soon met with the half lidded gaze of your matesprit Kurloz. He stared at you in adoration, eyes full of unspoken love and devotion as he ran his nimble fingers over your bare sides, causing you to lightly shiver at his delicate touch.
'Good morning ____' he mouthed silently at you, his mouth free to move due to the absence of the thick stitch
:iconcloudylemon:Cloudylemon 578 69
Relief - Tsubaki x Reader {One-shot}
“You’re finally home. The mere sight of you makes my heart race.”

“I think we should spend more time together. What do you say, (Name)?”
“You’re perfect.”

“Ah, welcome home, dear. Kick off those shoes and relax. You’re with me now.”

You walked down the hallway, looked around. All that inhabited them, besides you, were some stalk-still soldiers. After one more once-around, you took the liberty to squeal and hop around like an absolute lunatic, no qualms about it. The soldiers shifted and sent you uneasy glances, but you simply sniffed, straightened, and walked on passed as if it hadn’t happened. 
Way too much way on your mind, so you couldn’t help the little outburst: Hana, Sakura’s retainer had had an angry word with you, the Wind Tribe hailed your court for boundary control, Ryoma doesn’t know how to spend more personal bro time with Shiro
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 125 23
FenrisxReader: Play Drunk
The mug of ale slide down the bar top being stopped by a slender a hand. The young woman brought the mug to her lips taking a sip. A dark skinned woman sat next to her leaning on the bar making many of the man leer at her open collar. The other young woman was more dressed in her usual fighting attire.
“I’m just not sure what to do anymore Isabella.” You said placing your mug back on the bar top. “I…I love him.”
“You should tell Fenris that (Name).” Isabella said gently taking a sip of her own drink. She was always the ear for you when you needed one. Right now, you really need it.
“What good would that do? After what happened…” You trailed off thinking of it. When you and Fenris had spent the night together, only for Fenris to leave in a rush the next morning saying it shouldn’t have happened. You could have sworn you heard your heart shatter. “I think he’s made it clear that he has no interest in me
:icon13youko:13Youko 185 102
The Morning After [Gamzee Makara x Reader]
Warnings: Profanity, sexual implications, drug use.
Note: Humanstuck!AU
The Morning After
Oh god.
The moment your eyes shot open, you were greeted by Gamzee Makara's sleeping face.
You did not just sleep with Gamzee. No.
However the memories of last night that haunted your hungovered ass proves otherwise. You knew that there was no way you'd fuck the juggalo with a clear mind, but unfortunately for you, last night your head was filled of brume and booze.
The first rational thought that you had not involving imagining his hot naked body directly over yours under the sheets was that you had to leave before he woke up, because then it’d just be really weird. But that was no easy task. Gamzee's entire torso lied on top of yours, while his head found perch on your chest.
Your first attempt of escape was to shimmy him off until you're free, but it was impossible. His girth was probably double your own. You doubted you could even throw him off
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 151 24
Maybe (Judal x Reader)
Why did he like to use her so much?
(Name) was so frustrated at herself. She was laying on her side in the big bed, clutching the thin and soft sheet around her body being that, the only thing that covered her naked body. The (e/c) eyed girl was trying as hard as she could to suppress her sobs. The last thing she wanted was that the sleeping and also naked male beside her heard her whimpers. (Name) wasn´t aware of the two deep red eyes watching her carefully, as one of the most painful question popped in her mind.
Wasn´t she worth of being loved?
Judal eyed his companion quietly. He was aware that she was crying. He could tell for the soft trembles of her body. Body that was marked. Marked with his lustful and possessive marks that reminded everybody who she belong to. That thought made him smirk a little until he heard her quiet sniffle. Both of them were unaware that the same memories were running through their minds…
“I know you have missed me
:iconumikomitsuki:UmikoMitsuki 331 85
.: enough (part 2)- CronusXReaderXKurloz :.
It’s been another six months since you broke up with Cronus. Or more accurately, since he broke up with you. However it was, you’ve been doing okay for the most part. For the first couple of weeks, you were sunk in melancholy, wondering why you ever bothered to try because it never worked out. But then you decided “fuck it” and moved on, doing your best to get out of the funk he left you in.
Today marks the exact day of the breakup, but you’re not sad. You’re actually really happy. Why? Because Cronus was right for once. You did find someone who thought you were amazing. And that person was Kurloz Makara. Granted, he’s not exactly a normal guy, but then again, who decided what normal actually is?
Right this second, you’re sitting with Kurloz in the park, watching some kids play soccer. Kurloz has one arm wrapped around your shoulders, holding you against his lanky frame. Your head is resting on his shoulder and one hand is on his knee; yo
:iconximona:Ximona 65 22
why would you wanna stay five nights at freddy's? by LucidIolite why would you wanna stay five nights at freddy's? :iconlucidiolite:LucidIolite 36 3
Corrupted flower.
Judal X Princess!Reader
A/N: hey guys, it's been a while since i wrote anything at all. i wrote this on my sister's computer really quickly, so i apologize if there are any grammar spelling mistakes. i tried a different style of writing this time, instead of the usual 'she/her', i used 'you/your', so yeah! i hope you enjoy this one, i sure enjoyed writing it!
You hated him the most. He was, to you, the worst of them all.
You hated the smug grins he would give you, his dark, red eyes staring at your form with such desire.
You hated the way he would call your name, the way it would roll out of his mouth so easily, the way he made it sound.
You hated how he touched you, how his hands danced around your body so carefully and sweetly, how his fingers played around with your hair in a gentle manner, how he caressed your cheeks so lovingly.
You hated how his lips would touch yours so softly, how he kissed your skin so gently, sometimes leaving marks so that people knew you b
:iconpatchiatchi:PatchiAtchi 104 19
Stitched Lullabies- 5 (Kurloz X Reader)
(AN: I’m remaking the chapter as to where the reader took the drugs; so now she’s going to try and convince Kurloz to stop. When I wrote that chapter, I wasn’t in the right mindset I guess and did what I thought was fun. I didn’t like the chapter as much as I would have, and I want to keep the readers- even myself- happy. )
Kurloz hasn't been in school for a week.
Being worried, you asked Meulin. She had absolutely no idea. Even Mituna was clueless as to where your friend was. As you asked them, you could definitely tell they were holding something back.
It bothered you that, as concerned as you were, they wouldn't spill the details. You wondered what it could be...
You even called Mr. Bucks in hopes to hear he was attending work, but according to him Kurloz texted him to tell the old man he was sick for the week.
You felt uneasy the whole week. Did he get sick of you after the whole snowed in ordeal? You hoped not- it was pretty fun.
In fact, you were now lazil
:iconwarriornerdz66:WarriorNerdz66 57 27



Roleplay Search

My name is Ami (ah-mee // not "Amy") and I'm really looking for some one on one roleplays at the moment to help me get some creative juices flowing. I'm 22 years old and work full time, but I love to roleplay. And I still have time to post regularly.

I consider myself
advanced literate, I really enjoy writing. I can provide samples if you'd like as well. I also don't have any limits ;; so what's yours are mine essentially. I double-- I can play both male and females. I'll play any male canon character for your character provided you can reciprocate for me.

At the moment I'm only looking for Fandom roleplays // OC x Canon please- I also prefer Hetero. You can try to convince me for an original one; I'm open minded- Just know that's what I'm craving at the moment.

Here are my Cravings in Order ::
  • HOMESTUCK [[Just got into this fandom. WANTWANTWANTPREESE]]
  • Creepy Pasta [[seriously- craving this]]
  • The Walking Dead [[ I'm up to date with the show ;; behind on comics]]
  • Attack On Titan
  • K-Pop // K-Dramas

If you've any fandoms you'd have inquiries about // anime or otherwise, feel free to shoot me a message

I roleplay over this site, email, and I still have a gaia account (har har har I'm such a dork...I know.)


rhetoricalhypothesis's Profile Picture
Ami Watanabe
United States
cute stuff // creepy stuff // cat lover // pokemon master // gamer // cosmetologist // glitter & gore // cosplayer

I'm twenty two years old living in the third ward district of Milwaukee, WI. I work as a manager at GameStop and graduated Vici Aveda Beauty Institute last summer.

I enjoy art and literature and haven't posted anything to this site until as of recent.

I love many fandoms and enjoy playing roller derby and cosplaying at conventions.


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